The amazing productivity of the SEO really turned the boy form the slum around and he was always right in time to learn something about the programming and he really learned good and then there was problem with his SEO lessons that he was too much in the pressure from his peers in the ghetto who gave him a hard time because he was coming here and there were a lots of nasty talks about him and he really did get hurt from it and then I asked him if he wanted to leave the ghetto and I could find him a job where he could earn and live but he loved the ghetto too much to leave and he asked if he could start teaching in the ghetto about the and make them able to earn some money and I said yes but he really needed more money to buy the gears and I asked him if he was ready to give a speech on the problems and if he was ready to make some wealthy people convinced that the investment or charity in the slums are worthwhile and he really got influenced by that and he was ready to make some changes to it.

Source: 1stpageBet Meister

This story is such a joke. Whoever wrote this is a dweeb.